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General Policies 

· The school uniform is a must

· Physical Education Uniform is a must on the particular days of P.E.

· All electronic devices along with mobile phones are strictly prohibited and will be confiscated.

· Unusual hairdos and clothing is discouraged.

· Absence will be justified by a Medical Report.

· Students are not allowed to leave the campus without taking permission from the administration.

· All the acts against morals like cheating, lying, abusing,stealing etc. are strictly prohibited and the school works against them.

· The students cannot bring lighters or any dangerous objects to the school premises.

· Students may not engage in any behavior which is disruptive to the instructional program at any place.

· Students who want to bring visitors to school must seek permission from the principal, a day before.

· Students will be well behaved and orderly during the fire drills and school supervised trips.

· Students may not enter the faculty workroom or lounge or use the office Xerox machine without permission.

· Students must take permission prior to put announcement in the morning memo or on the bulletin board.

· A student facing an off-campus suspension may not enter the campus at any time during the suspension period; neither can he attend any off-campus school activity.

· The school is not responsible for any loss or theft of personal property.

· All personal items must be clearly labeled with the student`s name so that it can easily be traced if lost.

· Lost and found items must be handed over to the administration to make a possible return to the rightful owner.

· Students should show proper care to their own belongings and so of others.

· Parents are always welcome in school, by appointment. They are not allowed to wander round the school seeking out teachers or students.

· Parent's day will be arranged each term with prior notice.

Teachers' phone numbers are available for parents and students.

· Proper behavior is essential to assure the safe and efficient operation of school buses.

· The bus supervisor has full authority on his /her bus.

· There is no standing on bus and bus rules must be followed.

· Students are not permitted to sit next to the driver, nor allowed to talk to the bus driver whilst the bus in motion.

· Students are to be waiting at their designated pick-up location. If a student is not there on time then the bus supervisor may wait for up to 2 minutes maximum.

· If a student is reported as having been rude to the bus driver or

supervisor may then he will immediately be asked to see his principal.

· The school Administration has the right to prevent any misbehaved or irresponsible students from using the school buses.

· Parents are not allowed to enter the classroom or to ask for specific locations for their kids inside the classroom.

· The class lists and distribution of classroom are done by the administration. Transferring the students or changing their classroom within the same grade may not be objected by the parents.

· Parents can write to the administration in case they want to  change the classroom of their child within the same grade. The administration will search the availability and decide  independently.